Kelie- coach

Coach Kelie – Owner
Being an R.N., I have always been into health and fitness and the effects it has on your overall health. I was raised in a very health conscious home; my mom taught aerobics in the 80’S and I was right by her side. However, after stopping swimming in the 8th grade, I never really found a sport or anything that kept me active. I would just go to the gym and spend time on the Stairmaster or elliptical and lift a few free weights because that is all I knew. Fast forward to having 3 kids under 5 and I needed something new! I found Black Hills CrossFit in 2009, and was part of the original group who started in a tiny garage with minimal equipment. I fell in love with the community, the workouts, and the challenge of attempting new things — many times failing! A new body and new calling were just a nice extra bonus! I got my Level 1 certification in 2010 and I have been coaching ever since! I started Crow Peak CrossFit when we moved back to Spearfish because I felt there was a need to introduce a CrossFit that was attainable for more people. We began very small and continue to grow!
As a coach, I love watching people try new things and helping them attain goals they never thought possible – when that “light goes on” and they are able to do something they couldn’t do before, especially when a coach gave them time and cues to help them to figure it out! As the head coach, my favorite thing is watching my coaches grow, both in their confidence as a coach and as a person. Their passion grows to see others attain things and not just themselves!
In addition to Crow Peak CrossFit, I also practice nursing and work with Universal Pediatrics providing home health to kids with long term health complications. With 3 kids and 1 husband (LOL), a gym, and a job, there isn’t time for much else!!
Favorite Lift: Overhead Squat and Snatch – because of the technique involved!! Since, I am not the strongest person, I can use technique to get the weight above my head. Nothing like landing a heavy lift when everything goes right… 1/100 of all of my lifts LOL! I also enjoy new challenges that take me out of my comfort zone; This year I completed a Half Iron Man and a Power Lifting Meet!

Certifications: CF-L1 Trainer, CF-L2 Trainer, Carl Paoli Gymnastics Certification, Fascial Movement Taping L1 Certification, CF Kids

coach jared

Coach Jared (aka Jerry) – Owner
I have always enjoyed fitness, but I didn’t understand how health and diet could enhance your fitness until about 10 years ago. I began to train for mountain bike racing in my early thirties and the benefits to a good clean diet were very noticeable when tracking overall performance. My summer months were filled with training and riding, but the winter month were filled only with spin classes and boring trainer rides. I needed a better cross training plan and that’s when I stumbled upon CrossFit. I became drawn to the community and the competitive nature of what CrossFit is. What I have learned over time is that there is never enough time to be great at everything in CrossFit, but every day is a new challenge to improve, grow, and do the best you can with what you have. I am doing things I never thought I could do and I feel like a kid again as I am balancing on my head or climbing a rope.
The community is my favorite part of CrossFit. As human beings, I believe we are built to be part of something greater than just ourselves. The principal that “the sum is greater that its individual parts” is something that drew me to CrossFit. The aspect of team and the push you get from your buddies to squeeze out that little extra in a workout. To know what everyone is going through and cheer for them to the end of a workout. It’s awesome!
Honestly, I got my Level 1 Certification to fill in for my wife at the gym when she needed a break or was sick. I wasn’t planning on coaching much, but I have to admit that I really do enjoy it and it is very rewarding when you help someone figure out a movement or help them achieve something they never thought possible.
Favorite Movement: Muscle-Up – As of late, I have had a bad shoulder and every time that I would try muscle-ups in the past, I would be in pain and it would take me weeks to recover from a workout. After some research and training tips from the CrossFit community, I was able to slowly progress to where I can do multiple muscle-ups without pain.

Certifications: CF-L1 Trainer

nicole- coach

Coach Nicole
I grew up in athletics and tried every sport at least once but preferred ones with a more technical and creative craft, like youth gymnastics, dance, and cheerleading. When I was a senior in high school, my cheerleading coach instituted a mandatory weightlifting class, which opened my eyes to the possibilities of personal strength and fitness. In college, I tried to branch out and dabble in a few different fitness schemes (namely, long-distance running and P90X) but didn’t find my match until CrossFit.
The first time I tried CrossFit was with a roommate. I really didn’t have any idea what I was getting myself into. She used a bunch of strange lingo and taught me strange moves, like burpees, in our living room. After a few months of drenching our carpet in sweat, we heard Jared and Kelie were starting Crow Peak CrossFit. I signed on with a few other inaugural members and haven’t looked back since. Now I could not imagine my life without it.
The thing I love most about CrossFit is that it never gets any easier. There is always another level of intensity to push towards, another weakness to work on, and more goals to set. It never gets dull or boring. The constant adversity can be overwhelming, but it makes you so much stronger, inside and out, when you overcome it. No matter who you are, I can guarantee you will face challenge and triumph over personal discomforts, fears, and limitations. And the best part is the community and support system fighting with you.
When Coach Kelie asked if I would consider getting my CF-L1 I had my reservations, but I am so thankful that I did. Becoming a coach at CPCF has been life changing. It has pushed me far out of my comfort zone and I am grateful for the personal growth it has afforded me. The most rewarding part of coaching is getting to know your athletes and seeing them progress. Their victories become your victories!
Outside of CrossFit, I work part-time at a local nonprofit and practice photography (as well as other digital arts). I love technology and find every excuse to use it, especially in the gym. I also really love music and it is a GUARANTEE that you will see me mid-WOD dancing.
Favorite Lift: The Clean

Certifications: CF-L1 Trainer, CF-L2 Trainer, Fascial Movement Taping L1 Certification 

ashleigh- coach Coach Ashleigh

I have always liked being active. Bike riding has always been at the top of my list. One of my favorite pastimes from my childhood is riding stretches of RAGBRAII with my family. Moving out to the black hills really amplified my love for hiking and the outdoors. When I first began teaching in the Spearfish school district, I found some teacher friends that got me into the weightlifting portion of fitness. It turned out I love lifting weights and feeling my body get stronger! Over the last several years, I have enjoyed finding the balance between cardiovascular activities, weight lifting, and most importantly, nutrition.
I started doing CrossFit because I was in search of a new challenge and a new environment. I was completely and totally apprehensive about joining the CrossFit culture, but after my first day, I knew I had made the right decision. I love the sense of community and support you immediately receive, not only at Crow Peak CrossFit, but all boxes I have had the pleasure to experience. I love that your presence is always appreciated and empowered, no matter what ability level you are working at. It truly is about making a better ‘you’ for the days to come.
I am a teacher by nature, and have found a strong passion for bettering myself since I have joined Crow Peak CrossFit. I love having the ability to help others achieve their goals and to give them the confidence they need along the way. For me, being a coach is about teaching people all they are capable of — anything!
Favorite Lift: Deadlift – I love this lift because it is one of the 3 main lifts and a true test of absolute power. If done correctly, it is a full body movement. I love the challenge of completely engaging your body for a single lift!

Certification: CF-L1 Trainer

coach brain Coach Brian
My experience with fitness was always in the context of sports. I was never a gym rat or one to work out with a focus on getting fit. Sprints, drills, stretching, etc were always just side notes of baseball, soccer and basketball. It wasn’t until into my 30’s that I thought about needing to do something to stay in shape. I tried a variety of things from swimming, running, going to the gym, and some in home programs like P90X, but nothing ever seemed to stick until I found CrossFit.
I was ready to try something new, so when Kelie and Jared opened the gym, my relationship with them brought me in the door. I love it because of the “sport” aspect that it offers. I love the sense of “team”; the camaraderie, accountability, encouragement; and I love the competition, with both others and myself. I love that it is not ONLY about strength and conditioning but also about improving skills, strategizing, and learning. These are dynamics that I really missed about playing sports that I could not find in other workout regimes.
I love seeing people overcome things. In life and in the gym, something ignites in me when I see someone face something that looks intimidating and bigger than they are, yet they step up and overcome the obstacle. When it comes down to it, it is just a workout, but CrossFit is imbedded with principles and lessons that can teach a new perspective in how we approach life’s challenges. When Kelie asked me to consider coaching, I knew it was something I wanted to do.
Favorite Lift: Overhead Squat – Those who have worked out with me over the past 2 years will think this is purely sarcastic. It is not. The OH Squat has been one of the most difficult lifts for me, due to mobility and stability issues. When I started this lift, I could barely complete 1 rep with a 35# bar! It was awkward, painful, and humbling. Seeing it pop up in a WOD brought a sense of defeat before I even broke a sweat. Now I can OH Squat 145#. Breaking limitations through small consistent progression; that is what this lift represents to me.

Certifications: CF-L1 Trainer