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It’s time Guys !!!

When :
Monday Jan 6th – Monday Feb 10th . Our first meeting will be held January 6th, so the first week will be getting ready and all the details of what the challenge will look like for you .

Meetings will happen online with the exception of the first one, which will be held at the gym. We will also have a Facebook group to keep connected.

Cost : Cost is $50 per person for the challenge. This will include twice a week one on one check – ins and goal setting as well as individual help getting to your goals. This will include a personalized packet that will give you your Calorie, Macro and Protein guide bases on your goals, activity level and body composition.

We will use the Precision Nutrition model which is a diet agonist 🙂 Meaning we will not subscribe to any one diet (ie, paleo, keto, low carb, IF, Whole 30 etc) This is because everyone is different.

We will focus on what is sustainable for you ( this will vary for everyone) and what steps can we use to get you there. Lots of information will be given to you as we progress through.

This will be limited to 20 people so please sign up on Zen Planner !…

🥑🥑Challenge Info 🥑🥑.
A few questions we have had
– Do I have to be a gym member ?
🙌Absolutely NOT ! Anyone is welcome and most everything we do can be done remotely so you don’t even need to live close 🙂

-Do I have to count macros , go Keto etc ?
🙌No ! It is your choice how you want to go about making a nutrition change . Small , sustainable changes is what we want . If you have no idea what you want to do we can help you decide !
🙌HOWEVER, if you want to really dial in your habits , knowing how to eat to improve your athletic goals we can help with that too 👏