CrossFit Open !!!!!! Starts Feb 27 !

The ” Open” is coming ! And here is why you should join in the fun !

First of all Click here to find out what the ” Open ” is .

1) It only costs $20. That equals two drinks at the bar… or a large pizza !
2) You can participate the whole way through! *- Unless you can’t compete the first movement of each workout you will not be DQ’ed from the competition. CF Headquarters wants to make this competition all inclusive. Sure, there will be hard workouts but more advanced movements won’t be introduced til later in a WOD so you will be able to start the WOD. If you can lift a 35 pound bar and do Burpees you can do the open !
3) You will surprise yourself with your ability . It is amazing what a little adrenaline will do , I have seen many people get PRs on lifts , get their first pull up or toes 2 bar!
4) The workouts will be programmed gym wide on Fridays. – We will have judges and be ready to rock the WODs on Fridays . If you can’t make it we will make sure you are able to get it done. Black Hills CrossFit has also welcomed any of us to join them on Saturdays if you want to do it twice or can’t make it Friday .
5)You will regret not joining – I did not compete last year because I wasn’t confident or didn’t think I was “CrossFit ready.” I couldn’t tell you the number of times I’ve looked back in regret wishing I would have competed and at least attempted each workout. CrossFit is all about progressing and recording your gains. The only way to see those gains is to do the workouts as best to your ability as you can. The best way to push yourself = COMPETING!
6) Competitive Atmosphere – The adrenaline rush is much different than just a typical class. You don’t have to count because a judge will be counting for you! (for many that’s already a positive!) You will be “No Repped” because every rep has to be held to the highest standards set by CF .
7) Rank yourself amongst all CrossFitters in the city, the region, the nation, and the WORLD! It’s amazing to see the improvement each year in so many athletes! You will be divided by age and gender and region so you will be able to compare yourself to those in your age group and not just those in our Gym. The worldwide competition has hundreds of thousands of people sign up , it is not just the ” elite “.
8) If the oldest members ( 60+) of our Gym Lydia and Richard are doing it , you have no excuse . ( except Kala, having a baby is a legitimate excuse ) !
9) We are a TEAM, a COMMUNITY, and need your SUPPORT! and It will be FUN!!!